OS X bulemia

Apple is gutting OSX of useful features.


Configuring Raid Arrays from Disk Utility
Repairing perms from disk utility
Monitoring CPU cores from Activity Monitor
Pinning Apps to Finder window.


Render Catastrophe

(late)2013 Mac Pro loaded with ram!

Brand new raid array connected via TB2!

second (slower) raid array for stills and stuff!

big ole UHD 27″ LED display!

Load up the project I have been working on for months.

Configure Premiere to export to ProRes 422!

New Old Camera

Thing is, I just bought a Canon EOS 6D to upgrade from my Canon EOS Rebel 760D. Why? The 6D is a 4 year old camera. The 760D is brand new!

Raid Array

Since I have delved back into video production it has really opened a can of worms in terms of gear. I thought that owning a recent Macintosh and Adobe Creative Cloud enabled me to churn out the viddy like Ed Wood on bennies. Boy was I wrong.

Turns out that HD video is very resource intensive!


Doing some animation lately. It is known as cloud animation or milk animation. It involves nothing very special in terms of gear, except a lateral mounting of your camera, so you can ‘look down’ on the subject.