Raid Array

Since I have delved back into video production it has really opened a can of worms in terms of gear. I thought that owning a recent Macintosh and Adobe Creative Cloud enabled me to churn out the viddy like Ed Wood on bennies. Boy was I wrong.

Turns out that HD video is very resource intensive!

My previous disk array, a Drobomini from Data Robotics, was robust and a decent size. They use ‘thin provisioning’ which means that you have data redundancy, but you also get amost the same amount of capacity as if you did not have data redundancy.

However, even though the Drobo is connected via Thunderbolt to my Mac Pro, it creeps along at about 175mbps, peak! That is not fast enough for HD editing of multiple video elements. I peter along at 1/4 resolution. Good enough for editing. Then render at full resolution later.

I thought I could live like this. But I have a bad habit. I like visual effects. A simple AB roll edit is no problem. But when I start layering on dissolves, color correcting and other simple transforms, the disk array can not keep up. You would think that you would be CPU and GPU bound. But apparently the disk array is leaned on quite heavily.

My solution was found in the OWC Thunderbay 4.  I’ve had good experience with their products in the past so I dropped a large amount of money on a 12TB disk array (9TB formatted).

This was much better!

I am now seeing 675mbps speeds. This is much more capable of chucking video files around.

My only worry now is not using up all the room too fast.


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