New Old Camera

Thing is, I just bought a Canon EOS 6D to ‘upgrade’ from my Canon EOS Rebel 760D. Why? The 6D is a 4 year old camera. The 760D is brand new!

Well the 760D is great APSC camera. It has very good autofocus. The high iso performance and image quality are very good for a ‘cheap’ DSLR.

However good the still image quality is, the video is handicapped. It is only allowed to save in one format. Which happens to be the most lossy video format for Canon cameras. canon

Yeah but what do all these silly bars mean?

This chart illustrates the megabits per second of data that your camera is capable of recording. Not a gurantee that it will take up that much data bandwidth, but a rule of thumb. The higher the number, the less data is being disposed of to make the video. The lower the number, the more of your video footage’s information is thrown away.

The long green bars, those represent ALL-I compression mode. Which is the high resolution offering on Canon DSLRs. The short purple bars represent IPB compression, which throws away a lot more color information and uses more aggressive number crunching to mash the same footage into less than a third as much data.

Notice the 760D not only has no green graph bar, it also has a puny runt of a purple bar!

The 6D on the other hand is up above the 7D MKII and 80D. It is on parity with the 5DMKIII.


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