Render Catastrophe

  1. (late)2013 Mac Pro loaded with ram!
  2. Brand new 12TB raid array connected via Thunderbolt2!
  3. second (slower) 4TB raid array for stills and stuff!
  4. big ole UHD 27″ LED display!
  5. Load up the project I have been working on for months.
  6. Configure Premiere to export to ProRes 422(hq)!
  7. Press enter and start cooking hot dogs.

The UPS starts beeping.

Oh well, it has done that before.

Return after lunch (should be finished by now). To find a Mac, monitor and both arrays switched off, and the UPS beeping like a cuckolded parakeet.

What on earth is going on here. I have pro level equipment. I even have a UPS so that my gear is protected in the eventuality of a blackout. Or just from bad power in general.  Well okay, maybe my stuff is prosumer. But I hook it up right!

Turns out when you are really socking it to your Mac Pro with a complicated render, it will fire up both though D700 video cards and math the shit out of your program. That is the sound I was used to hearing. Intense render work =  beep beep of the UPS as it has to draw more power from the UPS than it is replenishing from the wall socket.

Well I had neglected to bust out the slide rule when my new fast storage arrived. I just plugged it in and copied my footage over. No hiccups.

The 4 full sized disks chugging along at 7200rpm PLUS two video cards doing the tango are enough to suck all the volt amps out of a medium cheap UPS.

Luckily, the project still existed after the restart. The raid arrays had not lost integrity. I changed the slow raid over to a mere surge protector. Only the fast raid and the Mac Pro live on the UPS now.





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